Requirements Management


Requirement management is the process of identifying, documenting, organizing, prioritizing, and tracking the needs and expectations of stakeholders for a particular product or project.

It involves gathering and analyzing requirements, ensuring they are complete and accurate, and keeping them up-to-date throughout the project's lifecycle. The aim is to ensure that the final product or solution meets the needs and expectations of the stakeholders while staying within the project's constraints, such as budget, timeline, and resources.

Dokumatic provides a cloud based Requirements Management System (RMS) which enables our customers to identify, track and manage requirements within their projects.
RMS will allow you...
  • to handle all requirements without redundancy or lack of items,

  • to include the requirements listed in European codes and regulations which may apply to your project,

  • to work in an intuitive way within your individual project environment. RMS will need nothing else than an internet connection and a browser,

  • to demonstrate bodies and authorities that you have processed your project requirements according to the applicable codes and regulations.